Tilt-N-Roll Straddle Base

This exclusive design was patented in 1992, and has since become one of the most popular ladders in the market. Simply pull back on the handrails (It is not necessary to place a foot on the first step) and the ladder transfers from the front rubber pads to the wheels. It is perfectly balanced in the rolling position and will not slide toward the user when tilted back onto the pads. Climbing angle is 59 degrees. The ladder is powder coated with high gloss powder. For steel ladders, pick your color from our 11 stock choices, or choose aluminum or stainless steel. The steps are 7" deep, with the top step being your choice of 10 or 20". Tread selections are Performa tread for highest slip resistance, expanded metal mesh or Grip Strut for heavy industrial use. The load rating is 450lbs.